Coffee Shop

Clicked at a coffee shop in New Jersey, this shoot was a part of a series that my friend had requested me to shoot for her. Took a lot of candids and some posed shots. This one just happens to be...

Nov 09, 2017

The latest fun project was the making of the short film Rachel's Halloween. They...

Nov 08, 2017
Diana Rivera - Salsa Voice

Diana is a salsa singer (I only knew that salsa was a dance - or the obvious salsa salsa :) ) but after meeting her I learnt a lot about the music and salsa singers. Gifted with a beautiful voice...

Mar 13, 2017
Colleen and Captain

I was doing a photo shoot for one of my friends, who is also a model, when Colleen and Captain showed up in the beautiful wilderness of Pine Barrens. Colleen obliged us by letting me click...

Feb 24, 2017
Modeling portfolio in progress

This portfolio is work in progress, first shoot at Monmouth County at the Shrewsbury River. Many more pictures to come but a great pleasure working with someone so composed and patient besides...

Dec 09, 2015

When I go out for professional photo shoots, I need someone to help me with my equipment, flashlights, reflectors, and other vital stuff. My little girl right here handles it all for me. She takes...

Dec 09, 2015

Lost in his thoughts or just planning his next mischief. Looked like a good opportunity to click a portrait shot. Looks nice framed also. Working with kids takes some getting used to, but once...

Dec 02, 2015

Clicking a picture that would depict a well known quote from a famous hollywood movie. This was the theme for last month's theme. Quite surprizingly nobody participated till the last day. We have...

Dec 01, 2015

There are some special moments in life that don't come back. Most people focus on posing for a picture at this moment, with a typical podium stance to keep as a memory for the years to come. I...

Nov 18, 2015