Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes)

Stepping into wildlife photography is way more challenging than I anticipated. Obviously, it looks so cool to look at pictures of wildlife that people have clicked out there. Now there is something interesting about pictures of wildlife that was clicked in their natural habitat as compared to pictures of wildlife in a zoo. So my journey began by setting a target in mind, which in this case was a Red Fox. These are quite common in New Jersey and you can see them running around at nights during various months. But to be able to click one during the day, in the woods is another story. It took me and my friends (who are as passionate about wildlife, and photography as me) more than 6 full days of looking for these (separate 6 days just FYI). Finally found us standing face to face with this magnificent beast in it's habitat. Even though the frame was not set in favor of us with the sun behind the fox, I managed to pull some details from the raw file. 

I will be surely going out a lot this year, and will have better pictures, which I plan to add here as well as our joint venture -


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