Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

As simple as it sounds, real estate photography is actually quite challenging. There are many many factors that play a role in how things turn out and how much time you have to spend on site, as well as in post-production. First and foremost, the day to day equipment that we use as photographers, is not going to help out that much, especially the lenses and lighting that typically use for a studio or wildlife photography session. So when I was asked by a dear friend to help her out and shoot this house, I got quite excited because I do have my drone and lot of equipment which I thought I could put to use - wrong. I had to actually buy a new lens (wide angle) because to get an entire room in one frame in anything more than 24mm is a challenge. So instead of trying my hand on taking multiple pictures of the room and stitching them in a perfect panorama, I went out and bought the Rokinon 14mm lens, which was a savior.

Firstly, since the lighting was nice, I used my drone to get some aerial shots of the property. I use a DJI Phantom Pro drone since I have had it for a few years, but there are some really nice and small ones that can do the same work and are easier to use, for example the DJI Mavic Pro.

Here are some drone shots of the above property:


Once I got the aerial views, I went for the front shot, and I got lucky that it got cloudy, so I didn't get any harsh shadows, rather some dramatic clouds to make the house look even more interesting.

With that baby taken care of, I spent around 5-6 hours clicking pictures inside the house which was very challenging since there were moving clouds that kept changing the lights inside every minute. However, my friend and her team very extremely helpful and they helped with the staging of the house, so I didn't have to move things around as much as I was anticipating. That's a tip for anyone looking for getting into professional real estate photography, there are companies (and freelancers) who specialize in real estate staging for open houses and shows. If you can collaborate with someone, it can help as they can bring out the best for you to photograph and it takes care of a lot of hassles that you had to otherwise deal with. 

Here are some of the final images for the inside of the house:


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