New York City (Freedom Tower)

New York City (view from Freedom Tower

This was one of those moments for me where I just thought to myself - "I must be crazy to not bring my DSLR with me". But with enough time in hand, and not too many people chasing those window locations where I wanted to shoot from, I got an opportunity to try capturing whatever I could from my phone camera. The Samsung S8 sets are actually quite nice for photography and have a pro mode that allows you to mimic some functionalities that DSLRs offer. This might not be a great shot, but with the equipment that I had that day, I surely felt it was worth sharing with all you wonderful people out there. 

From a full North East South West view, I decided to capture this one because I really wanted to get all the 3 bridges (Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Williamsburg Bridge) that connect Manhattan to Brooklyn and also some moving traffic that gives the picture a busy and moving feel. 



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