Deadly Encounters

Upclose and Personal with Russells viper

We all love to see pictures of "things" that are not easy to see either because they are too small, or they are too dangerous to be close to. Snakes fall in the dangerous category, because they are very hard to find at the right time (camera aound your neck, perfect lighting, etc) as well as getting too close to them could cost you your life. I, however, have been very lucky to be blessed with friends around the globe who are a notch or two crazier than me and therefore provide me with many such wonderful opportunites to do things I wouldn't be able to do alone. Captain Suresh Sharma is one such friend who not only allowed, but actually worked very hard to make such opportunities possible. 

This picture was clicked in Chandigarh, India of an adult Russell's Viper (a pit viper just like rattle snake) who was found wandering inside someone's house. Captain Suresh, we runs the Snake Cell would volunteer and remove these snakes from residential areas and rehabilitate them. So before this one was set free in the wilderness, I was able to get upclose and click some pictures, obviously under the supervision of my friend, since the snake is extremely venomous and a bite can kill you in less than an hour. Took a lot more pictures, but this one turned out nice, I think, specially because of that flicker caught in mid action.

Chandigarh has been a hub for 3 deadly species of  snakes, namely Russell's Viper, Indian Cobra and the Common Crait. I also had an opportunity to click an Indian Cobra, will find it and post it on the blog soon. Till then, stay tuned friends.


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