Pine Barrens during Fall

While it is true that pine trees don't change colors like the rest of the trees do during fall, there is still a lot of color that can be found in the pine barrens that brightens up your day. This is a picture of one of the places that I really love going to, and spending some time away from technology. More like a get away not too far from home. Why Pine Barrens? Well, I grew up in a small town on the foothills of the himalayas called Shimla. There used to be a place near my house in Summer Hill called Potters Hill. That hill had a lot of pine trees, and I would frequently ride my motorcycle on the rough roads and just go and relax, and be one with Mother Nature. Pine Barrens has the same trees, same aroma, and a very similar feel to that nostalgic place, making it a perfect getaway spot for me. If you can''t find me anywhere else, you'll find me there.


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