Some Office Fun - Hollywood Humor

Clicking a picture that would depict a well known quote from a famous hollywood movie. This was the theme for last month's theme. Quite surprizingly nobody participated till the last day. We have a pool table in the building, so I thought of using that, and found a quote: "Fat man, you shoot a great game of pool" from the movie The Hustler. It is a movie from the 1960s, black and white, so I found this scene to be a little off beat and went for it.

I requested Jon (a good friend of mine), to pose as Paul Newman, and here we are. Obviously, I couldn't put too much time and effort into it by calling all the characters, but was able to merge all the people in the background from a different picture I had clicked a few months back. Overall, a fun little project, shot from my mobile phone, people seemed to like it. 


Thanks for reading ... more fun stuff coming soon.


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