KTM & Raid de Himalaya

The KTM 500 EXC and the Himalayam Rally proved to be a great combination. When I participated in the Raid in 1999 and 2001, I had. Suzuki Shogun with some really good front suspension (used yamaha 125's forks). The 2 stroke, 110 cc, 14 BHP motorcycle used to gasp for air. It was always tired and just didn't have any push whatsoever. At that time I used to wish I had a motorcycle that would be faster than what I can handle, with no concerns of being under powered. The 500 EXC is that bike. Throughout the raid (whatever 500 to 800 kms I could get) this motorcycle, at any given point, did not once day sorry, I can't. It was fully charged, ready to go, and always had more power in there that it could have used. Minus the fuel related mechanical failure, this bike is the bike to ride up there, specially becaude of the fuel injection system and the ligjt weight. 


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